Most Recent Awards & Recognitions

Konzelmann Estate Winery continues to win National and International Awards, Medals and Trophies for both Wines and Icewines, since 1996. The list below highlights just a few of the most recent awards.

Konzelmann Estate Winery - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Thirteen Medals At 2014 Ottawa Wine Challenge

Konzelmann received two Gold, two Silver and nine Bronze medals at the most recent Ottawa Wine Challenge Competition. The winning wines are:

1) Gold - Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine 2012
2) Gold - Vidal Icewine 2010
3) Silver - Shiraz 2013
4) Silver - Special Select Late Harvest Vidal 2013
5) Bronze - Sparkling Riesling
6) Bronze - Sparkling Rose
7) Bronze - Family Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2012
8) Bronze - Heritage Red 2012
9) Bronze - Pinot Noir 2012
10) Bronze - Reserve Pinot Noir 2012
11) Bronze - Pinot Blanc 2012
12) Bronze - Canada White Riesling 2011
13) Bronze - Unoaked Chardonnay 2013

2014 National Wine Awards of Canada

1) Silver - Vidal Special Select Late Harvest 2013
2) Silver - Vidal Icewine 2010

2014 InterVin International

1) Silver - Cabernet Merlot Family Reserve 2012
2) Silver - Vidal Special Select Late Harvest 2013
3) Silver - Vidal Icewine 2010
4) Silver - Heritage Reserve (Meritage) 2012
5) Bronze - Merlot Reserve 2012

2013 National Wine Awards of Canada

1) Silver - Shiraz 2012
2) Silver - Gew├╝rztraminer
3) Bronze - Shiraz 2012
4) Bronze - Vidal Icewine 2009

Wine Spectator's Top 100 List - A Canadian First

Konzelmann Winery is proud to be the first Canadian winery to be included in the Wine Spectator Magazine's Top 100 List in 2008.

Each year, Wine Spectator editors survey the wines they have reviewed over the past 12 months and select the most exciting for their Top 100.

In 2008, the Wine Spectator editors reviewed more than 19,500 wines from around the world in blind tastings. Konzelmann Vidal icewine was included in the Top 100, earning the honour of being the first Canadian winery to be included in their Top 100 List. The selection of wines is based on four criteria: quality; value; availability; and an X-factor they call excitement. December 2008.

The "Icewine" Story

Icewine is a rare and exquisite product that had its beginnings in Europe nearly two centuries ago. Germany was the first country to produce this wine, and as with most new ideas it occurred by accident. Peasant farmers in Franconia were hit by a sudden, unexpected frost in the winter of 1794. Instead of despairing of their frozen grapes, they followed their instinct for frugality and went ahead and made wine.

The result was a small quantity of honey sweet nectar with balancing acidity that was unlike anything they had ever produced.

Ontario is blessed with the kind of winter climate that ensures Icewine can be made consistently year in and year out. The grapes have to be left on the vine to freeze solid; therefore temperatures must drop to at least -8 degrees Celsius before grape bunches can be harvested. While the berries are frozen as hard as marbles, the juice is pressed out, and since a grape contains eighty percent water, the action of pressing allows much of this water to be left behind as shards of ice, while small amounts of very concentrated juice is extracted, approximately one third less than if the grapes had been harvested and pressed in the early fall.

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