Konzelmann Estate Winery - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

The Winery began in the small German town of Uhlbach, near the turn of the 19th century. An eminent restauranteur named Friedrich Konzelmann left the culinary trade to pursue the craft of winemaking. Bolstered from previous success in producing house wines for his restaurants, Friederich officially released his first vintage to the public in 1893. He would eventually produce 200,000 litres of excellent wine per year from an array of Germany's celebrated aromatic varietals.

By 1980 Friedrich's great grandson Herbert Konzelmann was 43, had a well established business and a growing family. The winery was expanding and the demand for his product was increasing more quickly than the land could sustain. Contracts with growers were becoming increasingly costly and the price of buying additional land was high. A recreational trip through the wilderness of British Columbia seeded a profound love of the land and rumours of fledgling wine operations in Ontario and the Okanagan perked Herbert's imagination. Subsequent visits produced evidence that Canada's wine potential had been drastically underestimated by most of the world. By 1984 the Konzelmann family had immigrated to Canada, purchased a lakefront peach orchard, and begun replacing the trees with European Vitis Vinifera grape vines.

Konzelmann Estate Winery was officially the seventh winery to open its doors in Ontario, and now is one of over 140. Currently, the sixth generation of the Konzelmann legacy - Herbert's grandson, Fabian Reis - has taking a leading role in the family business. Production includes over thirty wines with a total output of 500,000 bottles per year, and they have received hundreds of awards and accolades during their time in Canada. The tasting bar and onsite boutique is open year-round and many of the wines are available at the LCBO. Experience the history and craftsmanship yourself with a bottle from Konzelmann, or a memorable visit to the winery!

Konzelmann Estate Winery - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Herbert, Claudia & Fabian

Herbert Konzelmann is considered one of the most respected vintners in Canada. He was among the pioneers of the Ontario wine industry and has received dozens of awards and accolades both locally and internationally. Today, he continues his familys fine winemaking tradition with his daughter, Claudia and grandson, Fabian Reis. Fabian joined the business after attending one of Germanys premier oenology schools, having studied wine making, business and viticulture. With the younger family members fresh, innovative perspective and Herberts 50 years of experience in mastering his craft they are producing some of the most exciting and spectacular wines the Niagara region has to offer!

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